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320 Epson Rd

50-100 sqm | Lease | Fully Fitted | Move in July 2021.

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Key Features

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50-100 sqm 

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4+ Desks

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Inbuilt Growth

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Heritage Design

Onsight Childcare

Meeting Room

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Studio or Showroom

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Cucumber Icons-2_Building.png

Flexible Space

Showers & Facilities

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Unlimited Cars

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Kitchen & Breakout


Buy or Lease. 8-14 Person Business.


Mini Studios, Showrooms & Offices  

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Or check out others being

designed & built right now. 


Lease. 6-10 Person Business.



Lease. 4-16

Person Business.



Buy or Lease. 8- 14 Person Business.



Want one somewhere else? Easy.

Your location. Your design. Your ideal office.

Connect With Us
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What is a Cucumber Office?

Your perfect office, delivered on a platter (for no extra cost).

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Search, Inspect & Negotiate

We help you buy or lease your ideal property and ensure you get a space you will fully utilize, for a great deal.

Build, Move & Grow

Design & Co-Create

We custom co-create with you a cool, fully fitted, and furnished space for your business that’s versatile for no extra cost. Think jungle, art, bar, and SONOS. 

We build the office, you move in and when you grow we’ll add more desks and chairs to your space over a weekend.

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Not sure what you need? 

We can help you with a workplace strategy.

Let's help you understand how your current office is utilized. Uncover how to tailor your office to your team’s needs with data-driven decisions. 

Tell us about your business. 

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