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We design, build & lease cool little offices for hybrid working.

Hybrid Calculator

The game has changed. Calculate the office space you need in 20 seconds.

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Easier Office Leasing

Leasing an office sucks. So we help search, lease, and, build your perfect office, without the stress.

Smarter Office Leasing

Cucumber offices are perfect for hybrid working and you can grow in one for free

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hybrid working calculator

Hybrid working calculator.

It's hard enough predicting next week, let alone three years from now.

Give our hybrid working calculator a go to calculate the office space you and your company may need.

  • How many staff?

  • How many days in the office?

  • How do I avoid all these empty desks and underutilized meeting rooms?

  • What happens when my business grows?

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hybrid working calc
what is a cucumber

What is a Cucumber Office?

Save time. Save money. No guessing. No stressing.

This is smarter, easier office leasing for aspirational businesses and their people. Here's how it works in Cucumber Camberwell. 


8 workstations

We have a bunch of simple tools that optimize your use of workstations and collaborative spaces. Because fewer empty desks and underutilized meeting rooms mean you lease less space and reduce your annual rent.

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10 workstations

And when you hire more staff or increase days in the office during the lease, a Cucumber Office is like a living room sofa. Its modular design can be rearranged over a weekend at no cost to you, and your rent doesn't go up. So you're actually rewarded for growing. 

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how to get a one

Cool little offices for lease right now.

Or we can make one happen wherever and whenever you like. We organise the lot for free.


Search, inspect & negotiate.

Say goodbye to the old way of doing things. We know how frustrating it is.


Design &


Cucumber Offices are anything but ordinary. There are styles for every taste.


Build, move

& grow

Leave all the heavy lifting to us. And your new office is good for now and later.

This is what that

looks like in little pieces.

Office For Rent Brunswick

01   You brief us
02  We search for vacant properties 
03  We both inspect shortlist
04  You select your favorite
05  We design & cost a Cucumber
06  We manage negotiations
07  You sign a lease with the landlord
08  We build your Cucumber
09  We help you move in


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Tell us about your business. 

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