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Fluking it

I've never told anyone this. But it is 100% factual, to the word.

It was mid-1994 and I was drowning in apathy studying Economics at the University of Adelaide.

It. Just. Wasn't. Working. For. Me.

So I did what any late-teenager of the era would do. I put my 4 colour pen down during semester 2 and played pinball & pool whilst drinking Carlton Cold in my Canterbury rugby top & Blundstones for the next 7 months.

But as that year moved closer to expiry, that little devil on my shoulder grew heavy. There were life decisions to be made, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. I mean, I'd only just got my licence and failed to notice that I spent the first two days of 4-wheel freedom driving around with my hand-brake on....that's how well I was going!

Inspired by the insanely good book, The Diceman by Luke Rheinhart (you must read it), I picked up the SA University course guide, closed my eyes, opened a random page and thrust my index finger down. Above that skinny white digit were the words “Bachelor in Business (Property)”.

And that's how my 25- year love affair with commercial property began!

Anyone taken a risk in their career?!

(Kids, do not try this at home.)


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