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Your Perfect Office

Delivered on a Platter

The design you want. The location you want. The space you actually need. Optimised.


Search, Inspect & Negotiate

We help you buy or lease your ideal property and ensure you get a space you will fully utilize, for a great deal.


Build, Move & Grow

Design & Co-Create

We custom co-create with you a cool, fully fitted and furnished space for your business that’s versatile for no extra cost. Think jungle, art, bar and SONOS. 

We build the office, you move in and when you grow we’ll add more desks and chairs to your space over a weekend.

The Usual Way

The Cucumber Way

To do the whole process yourself takes the average business 150 hours. 

Our process will take you less than 50 hours and it costs you nothing. 



Your space may not be optimised - 1 unutilised desk burns $1000/yr. 

We sweat every single cm to maximise the productivity of every part of your office.

Standard office fitouts - all you really see these days is polished concrete floors and exposed surfaces.

Customised office fitouts inspired by the world's best hotels, restaurants and homes. 

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Trawling the internet looking for properties, painful negotiations, missing pitfalls and uncertainty. 

Opportunities you won't find on the internet, seamless, transparent negotiation and less uncertainty and risk. 

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If your business grows or you increase office days you need to move, try to break your lease or compromise your future plans and business needs. 

Your office is the right size for now, and later. We'll add more workpoints to your same space over a weekend. No downtime. No cost. No rent increase. 

Your office will be located in a predetermined commercial district. 

We can transform almost any space in almost any location.

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There is an easier way to find the perfect office

How can you get one?

Lease one of our available Cucumber Offices.

We have Cucumber Offices that are built and ready for you to move into now or very soon (if you want some customisation). For lease or sale.

View locations

Find, build and lease one wherever you want with our help. 

We’ll find a space and build one with you. We support you in search, negotiation, design and build of a custom Cucumber Office – we do it all for free.

Find out more

Not sure what you need and want some guidance?

We can help you with a workplace strategy. We’re small space experts for small businesses.

Find out more

A Cucumber Office is

anything but ordinary


Stunning design that feels like you, and your brand. Your staff will love coming in to the office. 


Search, lease, design and build for free. A one-stop-shop from start to finish. 


We sweat every single centimetre... to fit more in less. So you can reduce your monthly rent.


We know leases inside out and remove complexity. Trust, transparency and authenticity as standard. 


We work with you to optimise your space for your business needs and today's hybrid working. 


We know leases inside out and remove complexity. Trust, transparency and authenticity as standard. 


We create spaces your staff adore and want to spend more time in. 

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Not sure what you need? 

We can help you with a workplace strategy.

Let's help you understand how your current office is utilised. Uncover how to tailor your office to your team’s needs with data-driven decisions. 

No sharing. No wasted space.

Increased days in the office? No worries. 

We'll add more desks and chairs to your Cucumber Office.

Tell us about your business. 

Buy or lease these

Cucumber Offices right now 


Buy or Lease. 8-14 Person Business.



Lease. 6-10 Person Business.



Lease. 4-16 Person Business.



Lease. 4-12 Person Business.


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