Cool little offices

Your perfect office.

Delivered on a platter.

The location you want. The design you love. The space you actually need.  


We get it.

You don't want to share, but finding the perfect office to

buy or lease can be tricky. And who knows what will happen in the future?


Unlike coworking, a Cucumber Office is all yours. No sharing


You choose from a range of styles that feel like you and your brand to attract and retain talent.


We're the small office experts who sweat every centimetre so you buy or lease less at the start.

It's a beautifully fitted office

for sale or lease to one business, just like normal.

More hires or increased office days? We'll add more desks to your Cucumber Office over a weekend.

And getting one is easy, pretty much anywhere you like

How can you get one?

Buy or lease these

Cucumber Offices right now.

We have Cucumber Offices ready for you to move into now (or very soon).

Or we can make one happen wherever and whenever you like.

We search for the right property, design the fitout, close the deal and build your Cucumber Office in it. 

Not sure what you need and want some ideas?

We help businesses guess less and save more in the age of hybrid working.


Buy or lease these

Cucumber Offices right now.

Buy or lease

8-14 person business



6-12 person business



14-20 person business


Buy or lease

6-12 person business


People that have

said nice things about us.

Chris - Leedwell Property

Cucumber tenant


"What was unique was the ease in which we could occupy the space & be up and running. It was presented with a modern fit-out that reflected our brand and allowed us to focus on our day-to-day business".

Shannon - Milieu Property

Cucumber landlord

shannon peach.jpeg

"Coworking has its place, but it’s certainly not the future for all SME's."

Darren - CRE Success

Commercial property mentor


"I went to the future a week ago. The future of suburban workspaces!"

Larry - Financial Review

Commercial property journalist


"The Cucumber business model has been given added credence by the pandemic, which has made the idea of small suburban offices..." 

Read AFR article here.

Tamara - Breathe Architecture

Cucumber tenant


They ticked all the boxes....a beautifully fitted out office space that was ready to move in and even a fridge full of drinks! Thanks Cucumber, the team love the space.

Dr Julian - RMIT

Workplace academic


Cucumber Offices and similar models offer small enterprises more flexibility than traditional leasing models without the requirement of sharing facilitates with other businesses.

No sharing. No wasted space.

No guessing. No hassle. No dull.


Meet the team.

Simon D'Arcy

The founder, interior designer & estate agent.


Bernie Fernandez

The architecturally
trained commercial builder.


Geoff Skellern

The actual architect & genius design manager.

Laura Craig

The marketing & communications oracle.

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